Bluebird Counseling / BLOOM Transformational Therapy in Camas Healing Arts Center Upstairs- Loraine G. Madian MA LMHC

Hello, my name is Loraine.  I hope you will find me to be authentic, warm and approachable. I aim to quickly help you to feel at ease as I maintain a state of calm, curiosity, compassion, creativity, connectedness and acceptance.  So welcome to Bluebird Counseling,  a private psychotherapy practice offering a supportive environment serving children, adolescents and adults, individually and in the context of the family, including couples.

I am passionate about working with people, and how counseling can help you reach deeper levels of self-awareness as we work to solve problems to create a more contented life. I work collaboratively and trust people to know themselves (or have the potential to know themselves) to access their own wisdom and to attend to their pain. Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him….”

Counseling can help you to see the world through a wider lens as we resolve the issues you feel are holding you back and make you feel stuck. The therapeutic relationship is the safe container allowing you to more fully and completely feel the presence of Self while in the presence of another.  I provide unconditional positive regard in the face of whatever you may be experiencing.  I wish to help guide you toward insight, growth, healing and transformation.

As you begin to feel the benefits of successful counseling, you will begin to feel differently, possibly about yourself and your circumstances. The goal is to feel calmer, more accepting, more present and more confident, with less negative thoughts.  You will notice your relationships shift. My hope is that you will begin to see you have choices that you couldn’t see before.


it does not mean to be in a place

where there is no noise,

                     trouble or hard work. 

        It means to be in the midst of those things

             and still remain calm in your heart.