You are there to raise me and to have a relationship with me. We want to be heard, cared for, and understood!

                                                                                                  The voices of the iGeneration


The I-Generation are those born sometime after the year 1997.

Generation Approximate Birth-Years
Baby Boomers – Late 1955-65
Generation X 1965-81
Generation Y or Millennials – 1981-97
The iGeneration 1997

Are iGEN’ers more afraid and cautious than previous generations? They may be growing up more slowly, and raised to value safety, frightened by the implications of feeling secure in the world, such as income inequality and financial challenges. IGEN’ers are growing up looking at a small screen with the result of either validating them or can reject them creating identity issues. They can be isolated from true interaction and real connection. We are seeing that they may be the most mentally fragile and the physically safest generation when compared to other generations. They are tolerant to sexual orientation choices, mental health, equality and independent rights. They want to succeed but remain cautious.

In UPLIFTING THE IGEN release date TBA, we want give dialogue, self expression, open minds, and have understanding about what its like to grow up in today’s society as well as guide. Joining the parents’ perspective with the youth perspective, the goal is to create connection through interactive youth activities.

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