Satisfied Clients

I have referred many patients to Loraine for counseling and EMDR to treat anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder with very good results.

Cynthia D. Horton, MD   NorthShore Medical Group

… You have become my ‘wise being’.  I can’t thank you enough for your help and giving me the tools to not only cope with some issues, but also to enrich my life as I move to the next chapter. Thanks again.    -D

I am writing to you because of what you did for me. I would have not made it through last night as easily as I did. And it was hard. Thank you again.      -B

You really are amazing at what you do!     -A

The Life-span brought me a sense of overall calm and well-being.     -R

I had been having seizures and panic attacks, after doing just a few sessions of  EMDR and one session of Life Span integration therapy with Loraine they were gone! I would recommend this type of therapy to anyone who is struggling with anxiety. It is truly amazing how fast and well it works, my life has never been better. I feel a sense of calm and peace and that feels wonderful!      -V

I don’t think you quite understand just how incredible you are and how much of an impact you have had on my being, and my family.  Your work is changing lives. You are talented, and patient, and strong. I believe that you are an amazing guide for the universe and the energy and light that it is. I am sincerely grateful for you.      -A 

Loraine has been working with me for a number of months to assisting me to work through the loss of one of my adult children.  The EMDR therapy with Loraine was just short of a miracle for me, it helped me to move to feeling much more accepting of the grief and my loss, as compared to the uncontrolled painful cycles I had been experiencing for years. I can now see that maybe I can move to feelings of that “sweet ache” about my loss of my child.        -R

We all have issues that bother us, but we may be uncomfortable discussing them with others. With Loraine I am able to share without fear of being judged.  In our couples therapy Loraine was a neutral third party who observed, pointed out better ways to communicate, and gave us the opportunity to discuss our issues without resorting to old, unsuccessful habits.      -M

Can’t believe it, but felt incredibly better. (Initial EMDR session around Grief)      –L

Loraine,  I want to thank you for the time you spent in my 7th, 8th and 9th grade health classes.   I was very impressed with the way you were able to support AG as well as hold her responsible for her part…        –Jr. High and High School Teacher